Meaning of 786 in Islam – Secret of 786

Dear brothers and sisters,you might have thought several times about the secret of 786.Do you really know what is the meaning of 786 in Islam? If you know then it sounds really good,but for whom who don’t know the actual meaning of 786,I am gonna tell those brothers and sisters about it today.

As you know that every  English letter has a specific numerical value like 1 for A,2 for B,3 for C and so on,in the same way every letter of  Arabic alphabet has some fixed numerical value which is called “A’dad” in Arabic.

For a clear picture,let’s see value for each against them.


Bismillahirrahmanirraheem and it’s numerical value

So,it’s time now to explore the secret behind 786.In fact,it is derived from the total numerical values of 19 letters of a Verse  of Quran:

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim value 786साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

If you count,you will find that there are 19 letters in Bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Let’s see this and also add all those values to find the desired result.

bismillahirrahmanirrahim and its numeiral value साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम
All 19 letters of Bismillahirrahmanirraheem

BA=2,SIN=60,MIM=40,ALIF=1,LAM=30,LAM=30,HA=5,ALIF=1,LAM=30,RA=200,’HA=8,MIM=40,NOON=50,ALIF=1,LAM=30,RA=200,’HA=8,YA=10 and MIM=40
Now add all these together.


So,now you know the meaning of 786 in Islam which actually is the total numerical value of Bismillahirrahmanirraheem.

By this rule,you can find numerical value of any Arabic word or  a sentence.The only thing you need to do is that learn value against each Arabic letter so that you may not have to face any difficulty. 
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